Featured on GigaOm!

We’re very excited to say that GigaOm has featured us in an article!  I had been talking with Wagner James Au, one of GigaOm’s contributors, for the past week or so about Plura after contacting the site in response to another article on monetizing casual web games.

Plura is a great fit for web games for a couple reasons.  First, it’s really easy to embed Plura on a page using website integration, which will give you static control over Plura, and with Flash or Java games using our other integration methods.  Second, because people tend to stay on a game site for several minutes, these sites can earn a significant amount of revenue.  If a site has about 10,000 players on it any given time, it can make up to $26,000 each month.  This figure scales up with the # of concurrent users (100,000 players => $260,000 and so on).  Finally, Plura revenue is incremental and non-competing to other revenue sources.  Games don’t have to replace ads or micro-transactions.

We’ve got a nice burst of interest from potential affiliates following the GigaOm article, which was pretty nice 🙂  We’re pretty excited here at Plura since we seem to be picking up momentum each week – let’s hope it continues!


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  1. 1 hosting September 20, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    nice and informative.

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