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Welcome New Private Beta Affiliates!

Our private beta officially opened this week!  We’ve added quite a few new affiliates this week from our various coverage.  Thanks for giving us a shot.  We’re working hard to make Plura a great way for you to increase revenue from your site.

We’d like you to know several things about Plura:
1) Payments – We are paying our affiliates by PayPal or check (your choice).  We pay once per month if your accumulated revenue is over $50.  We are targeting payments for the 5th day of each month right now (e.g. for October 1-31, we will pay by November 5).
2) Affiliate Management Portal – The AMP lets you control most of your account information.  It also lets you see your daily revenue totals.  It lags by 48 hours (e.g. earnings from October 27 are posted by midnight on the morning of October 30).  (edit: this originally read 25 hours)
3) Improving your revenue – Every affiliate wonders how to increase his Plura earnings even more.  We have a few tips

  • If you are using website integration, make the Plura <iframe> visible.  Some versions of IE will not start java applets if it is invisible.
  • If you have pages that get refreshed often, try using AJAX techniques to reduce refreshes
  • If you are providing a service to your customers at no charge, ask your dedicated customers to leave your page up while they are using their computer.  This gives them a very nice way of making a donation to you without actually sending money and shouldn’t harm their typical computer experience.

4) Target sites – You will earn the most revenue from Plura if it is placed on high engagement sites where users linger or interact with a page for a long time.  Games, streaming audio/video, certain widgets, fantasy sports applets, or AJAXy sites that don’t do many page reloads are all great examples.  Your earnings per hit from typical static web content will not be very high unless you have people park on the page.


Affiliate Showcase: Handdrawngames

We really appreciate the help our affiliates provide by connecting us to a lot of computing power.  In return, we thought it would be a good idea to showcase some of them.  Our first showcase is on Handdrawngames, makers of the addictively-fun Desktop Tower Defense.

In DTD, players have to prevent creeps from reaching opposite ends of the grid.  To do this, they can build mazes out of a variety of towers.  Each time a creep is killed, the player gets some more money to build up the maze.  If 20 creeps get through, it’s game over.  There are different game types built in, such as survival, tower restrictions, and the intensely-challenging “The 100”.

Being a long-time gamer myself, I was impressed at how DTD managed to create incredibly deep gameplay out of a simple concept.  I was also impressed at how I managed to waste 5 hours at work playing the game the first time I tried it out…

Handdrawngames was one of our first affiliates to provide us a significant amount of computing power.  The site brings in the equivalent of almost 200 full-time computers for Plura, which is great.  Handdrawngames gets an additional revenue source from us, and our customers don’t have to spend over $250,000 setting up a 200-node cluster.  A win-win for everyone 😀