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Private Beta Status

Thank you for your support during our private beta.  We’ve been overwhelmed by the interest in Plura.  At this point, we’re only accepting a portion of our affiliate applications into our private beta.  We’re trying to find unique affiliates that are providing different nodes than what we’ve already seen.  If there is something unique about your site, application, or users, then there is a much higher chance that you’ll be accepted into the private beta.  We are particularly interested in different types of desktop applications that can integrate with java and affiliates that have very high engagement sites (sites where users stay on a page for a long time).

Of course, for those affiliates that have not been accepted into our private beta, please be assured that we will remember you when we enter our public beta in the coming months.  If you want to think ahead about what will make your site earn more Plura revenue, please follow the tips here.


Java getting faster = Plura getting better

Just read this article on Techcrunch:

According to the article:

Update 10 comes with two major consumer-facing improvements: a smaller footprint and enhanced speed.

This is great news for Plura, because it means 2 things:

  1. Affiliates should see a boost in # of WUs, and thus higher payments, with the new release.
  2. Customers should be able to complete computations faster.

Also interesting is Sun’s claim that 91% of PCs have Java on them.  We estimated that percentage to be much lower, which had us looking into Flash as an alternate platform for the client.  It’s pretty clear that Java is the way to go for us right now (we’ll have to see how fast Silverlight is adopted and if Adobe ever decides to make Flash multi-threaded…).